Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Year's Revolution

As anyone who follows this blog regularly might have noticed, (and I know there was one of you, thanks Michael) the publication schedule has gotten a little less frequent of late.

In the past I spent hours writing, reading, rereading, and rewriting a piece before publishing it. In the olden days before the diarrhea of immediate mass electronic publication, this was called "revising and editing". (I wonder what Britlanders do to their writing if they "revise" rather than review for tests?)

To move more in line with the modern era, I hereby vow for 2009 to write more and rewrite less. It's not such a huge stretch. Believe it or not, I compose many of these posts in my head initially. Too bad I no longer have the magical ability to retain pages of text verbatim after one go-through (it slowly dissipated around puberty, which is also when I started taking Spanish, for which I blame the loss of my above-average spelling ability.) (That's also the year I met Michael, hmm...) Anyway, hopefully what remains when my fingers hit the keyboard will be most of the good stuff.

So despite this new, more lax editorial policy, the headline is no mistake. I am officially joining the revolution of the me generation. Forgive me if I still don't confuse there for their or its for it's.

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